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Greg McKee



2019 - 2020


Planning time:    12:21— 1:07

School phone:     323 – 4228


This course will begin with a few weeks of improving the student’s keyboarding skills.    Special emphasis will be placed on improving typing speed and accuracy.

The remainder of this course will be spent on Fundamentals of Technology.  This course will provide students with the fundamental concepts, principles, and ideas needed to understand how business is operated and managed in a rapidly changing global environment, which is needed for success in business-related careers.  This course also provides job readiness skills and soft skills that are critical for success in any workplace setting.

Class Expectations:

            Be prepared for class and ready to learn.

            Respect others.

            Give me 100%



            Daily assignments (conditioning lines)

            Timed writing


Lab work


All grades are based on 100 points.

Tardy:  You are tardy when you walk in the room after the bell.

Hall Pass:  Emergency only

Student Planner:  Each Monday I will have that week’s work on the board.  You will need to write this in their planner.

Late Work:  All work is done in class.  You will have adequate time for completion.  If you miss class it is your responsibility to get the work turned in.  It will be a zero until you turn it in.

Parent Communication:  I will call parents on any trouble I’m having with a student.



Fall Break

Microsoft Word 2007


Spending the first few weeks learning the to type without looking at keyboard.





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