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Traveling Team

Be Part of My Traveling Team!


I take groups traveling to places and invite anyone to part of it.  This group is not sponsored by Clinton Public Schools.  This is something I do on my own to give teens and parents a chance to see parts of the United States that they might not be able to see on their own.

I have had great success taking groups to New York City and Washington, D.C. the past seven years.  My groups, sponsored by American Student Tours from Seattle, WA, tour all over the Big Apple with ease!  You would love it.  My tour coordinator is Paul Monahan, President of the company.  I have worked with him for the past eight years and have traveled with groups twelve times to NYC, 2 times to D.C., and two times to Boston.  

This year I am taking a group to New York City/Boston/and or/ Washington, D.C.  Come by and see me to get the information or call me at 580-515-0386.  

The New York City trip by itself is a comprehensive four day and three night package.  There is quality hotel accommodations, coach and driver, professional nighttime security personnel at the hotel, professional licensed sightseeing guide, medical and dental insurance, fees for all tours, tips for all accommodations, souvenir t-shirt, and wonderful experiences. 

The Boston/New York trip is a bit longer.


My traveling teams have visited the New York Yankees ballpark and the New York Mets ballpark.  Both times my teams have come out WINNERS!




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