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Spring Training

My Spring Training


     As a teacher I have to keep in shape.  I am constantly trying to find good workshops to attend so I can strenghthen my teaching skills, and I can become a power hitter in my teaching field. 


     During the recent years I have received extensive training from CollegeBoard.  I have attended numerous pre-AP workshops to enhance my teaching techniques so I can better prepare students for his/her education endeavors.  My overall job is to challenge students to meet his/her potential, promote high standards of learning, and set guidelines to achieve success on the reading and writing tests.  Pre-AP offers learning techniques for ALL students.


     I have also received extensive training in SIOP.  SIOP is Sheltered Instruction Operation Protocol.  Through these workshops I am better able to assist all learners through their success in school.  Students take on academic accountability and increase communication skills.  SIOP offers learning techniques for ALL students.


     My classroom will have a safe environment in which each teen can work in a learning atmosphere.  My classes will follow the discipline policies as stated in the CMS student handbook.  I do have my own classroom rules, too.  They are stated on my classroom rules' sheet.


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