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Equipment Check


Each student should have the following equipment in his/her folders:

These colors change year to year....check the titles.

1.  A Sky Blue "Rules for Writing" Sheet     WRITING

2.  A Hot Pink prereading instructions page           READING

3.  A Lime Green "Symbols for Revising and Proofreading" Sheet     WRITING

4.  A Lime Green "Classroom Behaviors" Sheet     VOCAB / GRAMMAR

5.  A Red "Conjunction" Sheet                        VOCAB / GRAMMAR

6.  A Light Purple "Paragraph Structure" Sheet      WRITING

7.  A Teal "Sentence Types and Formula" Sheet                  WRITING

8.  A Blue "Reading a Poem" Sheet              READING

9.  A Light Green "Silent Reading" sheet                  READING

10.  A Green "Accelerated Reader" sheet                 READING

11.  A Yellow "Prepositions" sheet                            WRITING

12.  A Red "letter to parents/guardians"                      READING

13.  A Yellow "Class Expectations" sheet   


Parents should also have my class syllabus.  This year it is teal.  


Students, keep up with the equipment!  It's priceless, and it will help  when we reach the playoffs and when we get into the World Series.


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