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All-Star Game


                                                                                                           MY ALL-STAR TEAM!

     Coaching my All-Star Team is enjoyable. I have a couple of big-time hitters on my All-Star Team, and my sons, Matt and Lance, are the stars of the team. My number one hitter is Matt. He works with numbers all day with Team Chesapeake. Matt's diamond girl is Kiley, and she has been called into the big leagues as the assistant coach at Bethany Public Schools!  They have two ballgirls, Kayten, number 12 and Kamryn, number 9.  In the off-season they reside in Piedmont.  Kay-Kay and Kammy are definitely the stars of their team!  In fact, they are so good that they are players now instead of ballgirls!  They might not be stars in baseball, but they sure are in school, basketball, and soccer.  In fact, Kay-Kay’s three-on-three basketball team are the 2018 Under 12 National Champions.  What TALENT! 

My number two hitter is Lance.  He produces the bats for his team at Owens Corning. His diamond girl, Whitney, makes sure all legal aspects of the game are kept in order while working as a lawyer at Chesapeake.  They have a ball boy, Hayes, number 5 and a little slugger, Hudson,number 3.  During their off seasons, they flip homes; maybe they’ll be on television one day as a new flipping team! Hayes is headed for the league’s first year at school in Edmond while Huddie continues to go to Chesapeake’s preschool. Their team resides in Edmond.







comment posted by Traci on 09-09-2014
Vicki, LOVE your page! You put a lot of work into it and I appreciate being able to read all of this. I hope all of the other teachers follow suit.
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